Different types of Charts and Timeframes in MetaTrader 4

In this series of posts, I will introduce you to MetaTrader Charts. I will show you the different charts that MetaTrader provides you with. If you don’t know what MetaTrader, then see this article: What is MetaTrader? I want to start the series with the basics. Here I will go […]

MetaTtader Line Chart


Have you backtested and forward tested your forex strategy?

I spent thousands of pounds learning how to trade Forex markets. I bought books, I did expensive courses, I pay various memberships sites for education and coaching. I used to loose money in the markets until I got it. Yes, is a mindset. Its an habit. I would master it […]

Habits are mental, trading forex is mental

  Habits Are Mental Pathways , http://thedailyzen.org. I subscribe this site for a long, but skipped for a couple of years. Now, in trading, I find this article such a good fit of what I am trying to say here, in this blog. It’s all about habits, your success depends on it. If you […]

Fix your forex Trading Brains