Habits are mental, trading forex is mental

Fix your forex Trading Brains

Fix your forex Trading Brains


Habits Are Mental Pathways , http://thedailyzen.org.

I subscribe this site for a long, but skipped for a couple of years. Now, in trading, I find this article such a good fit of what I am trying to say here, in this blog. It’s all about habits, your success depends on it.

If you think about it, what are you good at? Can you remember something you are good now, but when you started, well… No so good in that time? If you are good at it now, why is that? Did you learned overnight? Did you learned it a lot, did you practiced it a lot, consistently? You master a skill by seeking knowledge first, then applying it over and over again, then seek more knowledge and apply it over and over, until you do it like you drive  car, if you drive, otherwise as like you walk down the street, or something else you do without thinking about it.   🙂

Think about that. Are you mastering your forex account? Or is your forex account mastering you?


-Habits Are Mental Pathways – The dailyzen

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