Have you backtested and forward tested your forex strategy?

I spent thousands of pounds learning how to trade Forex markets. I bought books, I did expensive courses, I pay various memberships sites for education and coaching. I used to loose money in the markets until I got it. Yes, is a mindset. Its an habit. I would master it with repetition, I knew it.

If you’re like me, I am looking in Forex for a risky investment to allocate some of my money and get good returns, I want to manage that money profitably and without stress. I trade at the end of the day, two or three days a week.

Because my plan was to trade just three times per week, I would need lot’s of time to get the required practice.

Two years ago, when I started, I made an investment in a software to backtest Forex strategies. I could  go candle by candle, at my own fasted pace and I had an environment similar to Metatrader 4.

It really helped me a lot. If you do it, you have to be aware, however, that when you are backtesting strategies, or forward testing them, the mind context is completely different because you are trading real money.

But for improving my confidence in my strategies, these programs made a great deal of help.

I personally now use ForexTester2 and is great. You can find it here: Forex Tester 2

There is also another program, which I tried before: Simple Forex Tester

The programs are very easy to use, and you can download trials to see if it works for you. I believe that each of us should have their own systems and strategies, and these programs help us create those systems and test strategies.

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