Welcome to MQuantum37 Metatrader software.

MQuantum37 is the Metatrader 4 program to automate your candlesticks, price action and indicator based trading systems.

MQuantum37 allows you to use a set of pattern recognition algorithms, in any timeframe. Each of these algorithms will detected a BUY or SELL opportunity, according to your own system. These algorithms are implemented in a concept called Screeners. The concept screeners is inspired by the stock market screeners concept and by the book Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management… by Alexander Elder.

Currently you have available the following screeners:

Risk Management

The system will calculate for you the number of orders, the lot size, entry, stop loss and take profit prices according to the configuration of the Risk management module.

Orders can be automatically open  and managed by the software. You can also configure the software to sent by email the orders so you can further do your analysis and decide to enter the market manually.

Implement, Backtest and automate your trading strategies.

Because of all the available screeners, you will use this program to test your hypothesis, define the trading systems, backtest them and automate your trading business.

You have available many screeners that allows you to implement a myriad of trading strategies using different candlestick patterns, price actions, indicators, pairs and different risk management strategies. Having said that, this is not a trading system. Is instead a framework to implement trading systems based on candlesticks, price action, indicators and risk management principles.

Some of the available available risk management features include:

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