Trailing Stop Loss

This screen will look if the C1 or C2 made a lower low or higher high since a number of configured sessions. For example, you may want to take only trades if they are the 52 sessions highs or lows.


Parameter Name Parameter Type Description Default value/allowed values
trailing_stop_strategy int The Stop Loss Strategy Default value: TRAILING_STOP_NONE
See bellow for avaiable strateges



The system can use a trailing stop loss. It moves the stop loss to the lowest/highest of any previous candle.

  • move_sl_to_low_high_of_candles – How many candles should the system use to calculate the new stop loss?

The candles will be counted relative to the candle that opened the trade.

For example, if in a hourly chart, a candle opens at 16:00, then the candle of 16:00 will be the candle 0. If the parameter move_sl_to_low_high_of_candles is less than the number of candles elapsed, so nothing will be done with the stop loss. If the stop loss is lower/higher than current stop loss, then also nothing will be done.